How to Wash and Care for your Weighted Blanket

How to Wash and Care for your Weighted Blanket

How to Wash and Care for your Weighted Blanket 

You love your weighted blanket. It has kept you calm during the day and well-rested at night and is now an essential part of your self-care routine. 

If you have been using a weighted blanket for a while, it’s probably time to clean it. Weighted blankets, much like other bedding items, absorb body oils and sweat and can become exposed to spills and dirt from daily use. However, weighted blankets require special care and attention when cleaning them out.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when washing your weighted blanket:

  • Always read the care instructions
  • Choose your cleaning method
  • Use covers
  • Consider the frequency of cleaning cycles

Learning to take care of your weighted blankets properly will ensure they remain in the best condition and give you the continual comfort you deserve.


Here’s a helpful guide on cleaning your weighted blankets effectively!

Always Read the Instructions 

When it comes to weighted blankets, one size doesn’t fit all. Depending on the material, the care instructions may differ. All Tucked In’s knitted weighted blankets are machine wash safe, while cotton, sherpa and velvet weighted blankets can be hand washed, air dried, or dry cleaned.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before cleaning your blanket!

Choose Your Cleaning Method Carefully

Once you have read the care instructions, it is now time to get your hands dirty (Or should we say, clean?)

There are two major approaches to cleaning your weighted blanket:

  • Hand Washing, Air Drying or Dry Cleaning
  • Machine Washing

Let’s go over some dos and don’ts for both types.

Hand Washing, Air Drying or Dry Cleaning

While washing your weighted blanket by hand, be sure to use cold or warm water along with a mild detergent and avoid anything with harsh ingredients like bleach that could discolour or fray the fabric. Be sure to lay it out on a flat surface to air dry, fluffing it occasionally to ensure the interior dries evenly. 

If you are unsure of how to handwash your blanket, consider outsourcing the whole process to a trained professional to have it dry-cleaned.

Machine Washing

When machine washing your weighted blanket, be sure to use the lowest setting on your washer, and use mild soap. 

If possible, air dry or use the gentlest setting on the dryer. Moreover, try and avoid fabric softeners and conditioners that can affect the surface of the fabric, leading to rips and wear.

Use Covers Wherever Possible

Using covers saves both energy and time. 

If you are using one of our weighted blanket covers, simply strip off the outer layer and throw it in the wash, and you will have a fresh blanket to slip into in no time! 

Tucked In’s weighted blanket covers are machine washable. Washing and changing covers will mean you will only have to wash your actual blanket rarely. If you have yet to use a cover, start now.

Consider the Frequency of Cleaning Cycles

You know what they say about too much of a good thing! Overwashing a weighted blanket can affect its structural integrity, and can affect the look and feel of the fabric. 

If you find yourself going back and forth on whether or not your blanket needs a wash, try answering these questions.

  • Does it need to be deep-cleaned?
  • Is there a stain you want to remove?
  • Does only the cover need to be changed?

If there is just a stained spot you want to clean, opt for a stain remover, coupled with a gentle soap to remove the stain and let the spot air dry. Cleaning stains immediately will prevent them from setting. 

Depending on your answer, follow the cleaning options mentioned above.

As long as you keep these few pointers in mind, you will soon find yourself with a fresh and fluffy blanket to sink your weary self into. With a bit of care, you can be assured our products will last you a long time. They are made with the highest quality material.

Apart from our range of knitted blankets — where no additional weight is used apart from the blanket material itself — all Tucked In’s weighted blankets use safe, allergen-free, fine-grade, high-density glass beads. They are shatter-proof, lead-free and noise-less. And we don't stop there; all our fabrics are GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified.  

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Happy sleeping!

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