What are Tucked In's sherpa blankets?

What are Tucked In's sherpa blankets?

If you know the feeling of being unable to settle comfortably into a thick blanket – you’re not alone. Most blankets are either too stuffy, not airy enough, and are only useful in air conditioning or the colder months. 

We get it, and we value your sleep just as much as you do. 

Never fear - our uniquely crafted sherpa blankets are the solution to your nightly tossing and turning woes!

Let’s explore the wonderful world of Tucked In’s sherpa blankets, and what sets them apart!

Dual-Sided for 360° Comfort

A contemporary take on the three-layered cotton Dohar, our Sherpa Blankets are made with one side comprising of fluffy sherpa material, and the other side a light, muslin cloth with intriguing and artful prints that make for stylish decor. 

The dual style of these sherpa blankets makes them both breathable and principally soft and snug, keeping you cosily snoozing all night.

All-Weather Appropriate

Tucked In’s Sherpa Blankets keep your body temperature regulated throughout the year, due to the cotton material in the muslin side, and help you stay toasty when the temperature begins to drop. 

One of the most significant benefits of our sherpa blankets is in the pairing of the muslin and sherpa cloths, as the sherpa feels like it contains tufts of wool and is supremely fuzzy, and the muslin is contrastingly thinner and almost weightless. 

The balance of the two materials provides a sturdy, and all-around functional blanket which you can slip into with no trouble, any time of the year. 

100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Although the texture of the sherpa certainly feels woolly, it’s made completely from premium-grade synthetic fibres, so you can rest assured that the luxurious quality is through our careful production processes. 

Our blankets are also entirely sustainable; we use only ethically sourced materials and every product is made with the intent to be long-lasting and reliable for years to come. 

Cosy Chameleons

With a wide selection of prints, colours, and styles, our sherpa blankets make for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your bedroom. 

The furry side lines the inside of the blanket, and the outside is covered in traditional, intricately detailed patterns. If you would prefer a more minimalistic approach, we’ve also got simple, single-colour sherpa blankets as well.

These plush, trendy blankets can be perfect as gifts for loved ones, impeccably stylish just for lounging on the couch, and wonderfully cosy to tuck your kids into at the end of the day. 

Shop Tucked In’s Sherpa Blankets

While we pride ourselves on improving your sleep game, we are always working hard to make our products as versatile as possible and satisfy your every need in a blanket. With our sherpa blankets, we hope to achieve just that.

For 45 years, we have been determined to surpass expectations with our quality and provide you with the comfortable, relaxing rest that you deserve. 

Browse through our collection of sherpa blankets today.

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